Explore the world of ART this summer!

Our week-long summer camps let your artists experiment with a variety of media and projects while gaining a deeper appreciation for the environment of our planet. We don't teach art as decoration, we use it as a way for young artists to connect to the world around them. We will focus on endangered species, glaciers, and life on land and under the sea. Artists will immerse themselves in three-dimensional work and gain experience with sketching, drawing, pastels, canvas painting, silk painting, ceramics, and creating collaborative artwork. Thank you for joining us on an artist's exploration of planet Earth!

Summer Camp
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*prorating is available, view our policy here*

We change our projects each week, so campers can enroll for as many weeks as they please without fear of redundancy. Choose either the morning session (9am-12pm) or the afternoon session (2pm-5pm).

AGES 5 - 15

*We also offer a special morning-only session Week 10 (August 21-25) for artists age 4-6*

To give everyone a chance to flourish, we separate the campers into two groups based on age and skill level. Although both groups typically work on similar projects, the older, more mature group will have more opportunity to work on technique and advanced aspects of art. Our teachers do a great job of making sure all students feel comfortable, yet challenged and engaged.

please note: please send a snack with your child to enjoy in our outdoor, art-friendly backyard during breaks.